A Chinese submarine sank below 10 kilometers deep in the Mariana Trench (VIDEO)

A Chinese submarine sank below 10 kilometers deep in the Mariana Trench.

A Chinese submarine descended 10,909 meters into the Mariana Trench, the deepest place in the world, located in the Pacific Ocean. Its crew successfully reached the so-called "Challenger's Abyss" and sent video material.

The submarine's crew conducted surveys and collected data for six hours. Reaching the bottom is of particular importance.

As the Funduji was still at speed, reaching the bottom, the submarine lifted a sedimentary earth layer in a very impressive way, like a sea cloud. This gives us some guidance on the environment, ”explained the leader and principal investigator, Peng Xiaotong.

The first conclusion, according to scientists, is that the sediment in the area is very crumbly, so it can be easily taken. The second fact is that the particles in this layer can be smaller than two microns in diameter. In addition, the layer did not move very fast, it dispersed very slowly, and this shows that the water jet in the "challenger deep" or "deep abyss", the deepest part of the ocean, does not move very fast.

Fundouji is a new model of a Chinese scientific submarine, first used in 2016. On board it can work three researchers at a depth of over 10,000 meters.

The previous Chinese record is from June 2012. Then the first manned deep-sea submarine, named after the mythical sea dragon, descended to a depth of just over 7,000 meters in the Mariana Trench.

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