A driver shoots another car through the windshield of his own pickup (VIDEO)

A driver shoots another car through the windshield of his own pickup.

The shooting happened while driving. All the circumstances are now being investigated by the Florida police, where the road accident took place. The shooter himself turned himself in to law enforcement officers, but was not arrested.

Behind the wheel of the pickup in this video is Marco Maceta. He called himself a bona fide gun owner and explained to police that he was acting in self-defense. The footage is posted on YouTube.

The video was recorded by the video recorder in the pickup of Marko Maceta, with stills and comments, although his behavior as a participant in the movement is also clearly visible. The conflict with the driver of the Nissan 370Z coupe begins when the sports car sticks to the back of the pickup, approaching it at high speed.

After several aggressive maneuvers by the two drivers, Marco decided to teach a lesson to his opponent and abruptly stopped when the other man approached the pickup again.

When the driver of the Nissan 370Z still managed to overtake the car, Marco cursed him and made an obscene gesture after him. In response, the driver of the passenger compartment lowered the window and aimed his pistol at Maceta. However, he immediately removes it and increases the speed. Later, however, he slowed to catch up with the pickup and aimed his pistol again.

According to Maceta, he decided that the driver of the sports car would shoot this time, so he pulled out his pistol and fired several times.

Maceta commented: "I'm not a fan of guns. I am in favor of not being shot. I know I'm not in the best light in these shots either, but I hope all the idiots with guns will see that it's not worth pointing a gun at a misunderstanding on the road. "

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