A fearsome wasp hunts its prey underwater and is called Godzilla (VIDEO)

A fearsome wasp hunts its prey underwater and is called Godzilla.

Fearful wasps capable of swimming in water in pursuit of their prey have been discovered in Japan and are named after Godzilla because of their resemblance to the sci-fi sea monster, reports Live Science. The scientific name of the species is Microgaster godzilla.

The prey of fearful wasps usually become water caterpillars, which hide in algae or other plants. When it locates a caterpillar that lives in a special protective shell, the wasp dives into the water and attacks it from below.

The predator may remain submerged for a few seconds as it fights the larva before forcing it to emerge from its shell. Once it has "disarmed" its prey, the wasp emerges from the water and clings to the caterpillar, inserting its own parasitic larvae. They eat her body from the inside, using it as a food source before hatching.

Scientists note that most wasps prefer to stay away from rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Only two species are considered aquatic. However, the representatives of the species Microgaster godzilla are the only ones that dive completely and deliberately into the water. Fear wasps have been found in Osaka and Kyoto prefectures.

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