A training accident killed a rocket man in Dubai (VIDEO)

A training accident killed a rocket man in Dubai.

French stuntman Vincent Refe, known for his flights with jet backpacks and winged suits, died while training in Dubai, the BBC reported.

The 36-year-old Frenchman, nicknamed the Rocket Man, was part of the Jetman Dubai company, and 3 years ago he and his compatriot Frederic F├╝gen jumped from the alpine peak Jungfrau (4158 m above sea level) in Switzerland. The two stuntmen wore special suits with wings and after a flight in the air they managed to enter the cabin of a flying propeller plane unharmed.

The Dubai company has denied details of the incident in which Refe was killed and police are investigating.

"Vince was a talented athlete and a much loved and valued member of our team. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all who knew and loved him," Jetman Dubai said in a statement.

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