Double scary catch: Alligator "embraced" by anaconda (VIDEO)

Double scary catch: Alligator "embraced" by anaconda.

A man who went fishing in Brazil received more than he "shopped" when an alligator was hooked on his line, which was attacked by a giant anaconda a moment later, the Daily Star writes.

A video of the unusual incident shows a fisherman pulling a crocodile when a snake, sensing delicious prey, wraps itself around its catch. Judging by the footage, the anaconda is large enough to swallow the alligator whole.

The video, shot about a week ago, initially circulated among fishermen in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, then spread on social networks around the world, garnering millions of views.

The impressive footage is believed to have been taken in the vast swampy region of Pantanal, part of which is in the Brazilian state.

Despite global attention, the fisherman who shot the video has never been identified. The tackle used by the mysterious angler is banned for use by amateurs, which suggests that he is a professional.

It also remains a mystery how the fight ended - whether the fisherman managed to pull the alligator out of the "embrace" of the anaconda, or left it to his fate to become an easy breakfast.

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