Elizabeth Canalis - George Clooney's naughty ex (GALLERY)

Elizabeth Canalis - George Clooney's naughty ex

Elizabeth Canalis - George Clooney's naughty ex.

Yeah! George Clooney was not always married to Amal. There were other women in the actor's heart. Elizabeth Canalis is one of them. The gorgeous Italian managed to make the most coveted bachelor in Hollywood fall in love with her, but she failed to walk him to the altar with him.

Clooney and Canalis met in the summer of 2009 in Italy, and their romance is like a love tape. From the moment of their meeting, the two are inseparable. The actor invites the model to move to the United States. The two even testified together in the case against Silvio Berlusconi for sex with minors.

The media at the time noted with unprecedented interest that for Clooney, this was an incredibly long-lasting relationship. And so for two and a half years. The star couple confirmed their separation with a heartbreaking joint statement.

But Elizabeth Canalis is not only known for her relationship with George Clooney. The naughty European has passed through the hearts and beds of more than one or two Italian footballers.

Her fame came as a dancer in a popular TV show in Italy. She continued her career with small roles in films and even partnered with the legend of Italian music Adriano Celentano in the film "Messy Italy". For two consecutive evenings she is the host of the San Remo Festival. interviews Robert de Niro. In 2011 he appeared on the cover of Spanish Vogue. In the same year he was the face of Roberto Cavalli.

To date, Canalis is married to surgeon Brian Perry, by whom she has a daughter.

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