Ferrari owner filmed crashing on London's navel (VIDEO)

Ferrari owner filmed crashing on London's navel.

Ferrari 812 Superfast crashes ridiculously on the Lambeth Bridge in London, and the driver finds everything with a camera on his head, says Dily Mily. The driver was not injured, but there is serious damage to the £ 260,000 (€ 287,300) contract.

The video from the accident shows how the driver enters the bridge at a very reasonable speed, after which he abruptly delivers gas to accelerate. The 800 horses on the 812 Superfast, however, will prove to be an excessively high bar for the driving skills of the owner.

The back of the "Ferrari" starts to overtake the front, and the driver fails to control the craft. Flying past a cyclist and a man with an electric three-wheeler, the car hit the railing of the bridge.

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