How often sexy women are bullied

How often sexy women are bullied

How often sexy women are bullied.

Writer Raffi Dangelo of Harlem traced how often New Yorkers whistled at their sexy compatriots as they followed in the footsteps of one of them. With a similar "compliment" the lady was rewarded by three passers-by in just a few minutes. The whistles and shouts grew avalanche throughout the day, turning them into psychotrain.

On his website, Rafi shared his experience and urged his fellow citizens not to behave in this rude way. Many of the New York swordsmen believe that the calls raise the confidence of the ladies. But such behavior is perceived as very offensive by the fairer sex and has nothing to do with compliments.

Some of the passers-by even started to behave aggressively, if they did not respond to the advances. The amazing thing was that the elderly New Yorkers didn't even swim, even in a more decent shape. "Smile baby, the day is beautiful!" said one of them, parting ways with the pretty lady.

Dangelo writes on his website that such behavior is a real ordeal for New Yorkers who have to endure such bullying 365 days a year. The writer received the support of thousands of ladies, who noted in their posts that they saw for the first time in the face of the blogger a man who enters their position.

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