Japanese scientists have created cockroach cyborgs for domestic helpers (VIDEO)

Japanese scientists have created cockroach cyborgs for domestic helpers.

Japanese scientists have transformed Madagascar cockroaches into cyborgs that can perform tasks, move objects and even paint, the Daily Mail reported.

The development is the work of a team from the University of Tsukuba. The insects were given cybernetic implants that made them carry out orders and crawl on ceilings and walls.

These tasks are difficult for other robots to perform. Electrodes are inserted into the bodies of the insects, they are equipped with a chip, an antenna and a battery. A miniature display is mounted on the back.

Robotic cockroaches can work together to move objects around the house or draw on paper.

Madagascar cockroaches have been specially selected for their large size and ability to hide well. In the future, they will be programmed to perform tasks in our homes and then disappear from our sight. In the first experiments, the creeping cyborgs managed to move a small box.

 They were also equipped with a marker, and the engineers made them draw a simple figure on paper.

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