Jupiter's moon Europe glows in the dark

Jupiter's moon Europe glows in the dark.

NASA experts have found that the far side of Jupiter's moon Europe glows in the dark with visible white light and green or blue hues, the Daily Mail reported.

The effect is due to the constant radiation from Jupiter, which reaches the ice ocean below the surface. Until now, experts thought that Europe had two faces - one glowing brightly and the other in darkness.

Specialists from NASA's Jet Engine Laboratory have subjected a combination of ice and salts, as found on the surface of Europe, with radiation similar to that emitted by Jupiter. So they found that the moon glows in the dark.

Murti Goodipati's team used a spectrometer to distinguish wavelengths and determine the "signatures" of ice components. Thus, the night light will give additional information about the composition of the surface, and depending on it, and whether Europe has suitable living conditions.

NASA plans to explore Europe with the Clipper mission.

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