Keanu Reeves is unrecognizable for the Matrix

Keanu Reeves is unrecognizable for the Matrix.

Keanu Reeves looks unrecognizable after shaving his long hair and appearing striking, the Mirror reported. In recent years, the actor, played by John Wick, has struggled with a dark beard and shoulder-length hair.

Of course, his latest transformation is for a film role. Keanu, 56, shaved his dark locks to portray Neo's vision in the last part of The Matrix. The star began filming in Berlin, Germany four months ago, when the cameras started working again amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans will notice that his latest vision has similarities to when his iconic character Neo wakes up in a coexistence facility in the 1999 film.

Keanu showed up with his stunning girlfriend Alexandra Grant, who accompanied him in the car to the hotel. The actor shyly tried to avoid the camera by running his fingers through his freshly cut hair.

"Matrix 4" will hit theaters in 2021. The photos were postponed in March amid a coronavirus pandemic that rocked the entertainment industry.

Along with Keanu, some of the film's biggest stars are behind the filming in Berlin. Carrie-Ann Moss returned to her role as Trinity from the original trilogy. Jedda Pinkett-Smith will also return as Niobe for the fourth film.

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