Musk's new prototype of the "Martian rocket" is ready to fly (VIDEO)

Musk's new prototype of the "Martian rocket" is ready to fly.

SpaceX is ready with the prototype of the "Martian rocket" Starship. It must test a configuration with three engines running simultaneously and the entire steel hull with the rocket nose. For this purpose, the prototype, called SN8, will fly up to 15 kilometers above sea level, after which it will land.

The latest prototype of Starship flew only 150 meters, then landed. However, it had only 1 engine and was not finished.

SpaceX has big plans for the Starship rocket. It will allow the colonization of the Moon and Mars. It can also be used to transport people. In less than an hour, 100 passengers would have reached anywhere on the planet.

The Pentagon has also signed a contract with SpaceX and plans to use a modified version of Starship for its own purposes. The first flight into orbit should take place in 2021.

The missile will be reusable, relatively inexpensive to manufacture, and its characteristics will make it the most powerful and capable missile ever created.

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