Robert Pattinson was named the saddest man in the world

Robert Pattinson was named the saddest man in the world.

The paparazzi caught Robert Pattinson in a state of deep sadness, but online users found it a lot of fun.

A photo of the actor, taken in the lobby of a British hotel, appeared on the Internet, writes Medialeaks. Pattinson sits alone at the table, hat, hand on face. The people at the next table have fun playing chess and manage to photograph it secretly, pretending to take selfies.

Social media users began to actively use this frame instead of emoji, illustrating melancholy and hopelessness. Many agreed that Robert seemed "the saddest man in the world," despite the possibility of living in a five-star hotel.

The recent interruption of filming for the new Batman movie was sarcastically recalled: "Probably this man is working hard". The actor's photo was also accompanied by a mocking remark: "When the director says you're too weak for a superhero".

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