Super white paint can replace air conditioners (VIDEO)

Super white paint can replace air conditioners.

The super white paint, which reflects 95.5 percent of sunlight, cools so well that one day it could replace air conditioners if used to paint buildings, the Daily Mail reported.

The new acrylic paint was developed by experts from Pardew University, Indiana, who used calcium carbonate.

The paint keeps the surfaces on which it is applied much cooler than the ambient temperatures during the day and at night. The product is created with calcium carbonate to reduce the amount of ultraviolet light it absorbs instead of using traditional titanium dioxide particles.

The new product is the work of Shelin Rouen, a professor of mechanical engineering at Pardew University, and his team. During the tests, the new acrylic paint remained ten degrees Celsius below atmospheric temperature at night and at least 1.7 percent below the temperature during the solar peak during the day.

The super white paint with calcium carbonate gives better results in reflecting light than other existing paints on the market in the tests, according to a publication about the product in the magazine "Cell Reports Physical Science". Other light-reflecting paints reflect between 80 and 90 percent of visible light.

"This paint can be used to combat climate change because it repels sunlight and dissipates heat" says Rouen.

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