Terrorist attack in central Vienna, killing and wounding (VIDEO)

Terrorist attack in central Vienna, killing and wounding.

A large-scale terrorist attack took place on Monday near the largest synagogue in the Austrian capital, Vienna. The attackers were heavily armed with machine guns.

A total of six places were attacked on Monday night in Vienna. All six are next to the street where the city's central synagogue is.

The attack started from Schwedenplatz, where the synagogue is located. There were several assassins, their number has not been established.

One of the attackers was shot dead by police. A passer-by was killed and then a seriously injured woman died in hospital. Another 14 were injured in hospitals. Six of them are in serious condition.

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nechamer confirmed that the shooting in Vienna was a terrorist attack. More perpetrators are wanted. The identity of the slain attacker has not been revealed, but the Austrian interior minister has described him as a supporter of Islamic State.

"The situation is very tense, especially in the federal capital Vienna. One perpetrator has been killed, but several others are still at large. From what we see, they are very well equipped, have automatic weapons and are professionally trained. This is definitely a terrorist attack", said Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

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