They discovered a strange metal monolith in the United States (VIDEO)

They discovered a strange metal monolith in the United States.

A mysterious metal monolith has been discovered in the desert parts of the United States, very reminiscent of that of Stanley Kubrick's classic "2001: A Space Odyssey", CNN reports.

Employees of the US Public Safety Agency flew over a nature reserve in Utah to monitor the migration and populations of wild animals. During the flight, they accidentally saw a shiny monolith rising from the ground from the air.

The pilot of the helicopter made a quick landing in the desert, and officers examined closely the structure located in the canyon. The monolith is extremely smooth, but not reflective. It rises literally from the ground to a height of 3-4 meters.

"We're almost 100% sure it's some kind of art installation attempt", Utah Department of Public Safety spokesman Lt. Nick Street told USA TODAY.

The exact location of the metal monolith has not been revealed, and the US authorities do not want to cause an unnecessary flow of people in the desert.

"It's stainless steel. It's assembled with pop rivets. This shows us that the monolith is definitely the work of people. As for when the structure has been there, we would say 50-60 years, and the materials haven't actually moved. It's definitely a very interesting installation", he added.

It is very likely that the US authorities will dismantle the monolith, as it is forbidden to erect structures in US nature parks without a permit, which is quite difficult.

Meanwhile, online enthusiasts have found the exact location of the monolith with Google Earth and found that it was built between 2015 and 2016.

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