Two "masked" raccoons broke into an American bank

Two "masked" raccoons broke into an American bank.

Two "masked" people broke into a California bank using a method from the movies: they entered through the ventilation systems, the Guardian writes. U.S. raccoon raccoons were caught on camera by a customer who spotted the "thieves" while withdrawing money from a bank's ATM in Redwood City on Wednesday, ABC Eyewitness News reported.

Photos show raccoons crossing rooms and standing at a desk. In one photo, one raccoon, who appears to be the leader, raises his paw, presumably to direct his accomplice to the next target in the bank. Subsequently, someone set off the alarm and called an animal protection organization. After a 10-minute chase, the animals were captured.

Not every day they call an animal protection organization to deal with bank intrusion, but since bank robbers are masked bandits from the wild, we have taken appropriate action, the organization commented. Subsequently, the investigation established that the raccoons climbed a tree and entered the ventilation system.

The raccoons did not "steal" money from the bank.

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