Unmanned flying taxis were tested in Seoul (VIDEO)

Unmanned flying taxis were tested in Seoul.

A demonstration of drones and postal drones was held in Seoul today. The event is co-organized by the Ministry of Transport and Seoul's local government and aims to showcase South Korean developments in the field of urban air transport, which could go into mass operation in a few years.

The control and coordination of unmanned aerial vehicles is carried out by a system called K-drone, created by South Korean engineers. It is able to ensure the safe flight of several aircraft at the same time, providing for its capabilities to be gradually increased.

The organizers emphasize that these are the world's first unmanned taxis and cargo drones that fly over the center of the metropolis. The runway is equipped along the Hangang River in the prestigious business district of Yoido, where there used to be a small retreat. Earlier this year, similar test flights were made in uninhabited areas of South Korea.

The unmanned taxi, which can carry two passengers, rose successfully in the air, made several circles over the river and landed at the same place. At the same time, smaller mail drones were "flying" in the air, and the K-drone system coordinated their movement, controlling altitude, speed and direction of flight, preventing dangerous situations from arising.

Two companies are working on the creation of air taxis - Hanwha and Hyundai, which plan to create a prototype by 2022, and in 2025 - to begin mass production of air taxis. The models of both companies will be able to take off and land vertically and carry up to 5 people at a time.

The full operation of unmanned aerial taxis in South Korea is expected to begin in 2028, the transport ministry said.

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