Unmanned truck launched (VIDEO)

Unmanned truck launched.

The Russian manufacturer of trucks KAMAZ published a video with the autonomous truck 3373 "Shuttle". The machine is 8,000 meters long, 2,550 meters wide and 4,000 mm high, or the number of ordinary two-sided KAMAZ-4308-69 sideboards, but with a much larger useful volume due to the lack of space.

The load capacity of the "Shuttle" is 10 tons, while it can carry only 5.7 tons in terms of KAMAZ size. The full weight of the 18-tonne autonomous truck is distributed between the two axles in an ideal 50:50 ratio.

There is no front and back in the traditional sense of the word, so the machine moves equally well in all directions. In addition, the four wheels turn, which enhances the noticeable maneuverability. The "shuttle" also has a "cancer" mode as in the new Hummer and can be moved diagonally.

The functionality of the unmanned KAMAZ can still not be compared with the capabilities of traditional trucks. The maximum speed is limited to 40 km / h, and the 60-kilowatt battery provides a range of only 50 km. When charging with three-phase current with a voltage of 380 volts, the capacity of the battery is recharged in about 5 hours.

Despite this, the unmanned truck is already used for various tasks on the territory of the plant. In the future, KAMAZ plans to equip various vehicles with various superstructures - from a high-speed tractor to a dump truck, which will be presented for the first time in 20 years.

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