Serena Williams and her daughter with beautiful smiles and jewelry (VIDEO)

Serena Williams and her daughter with beautiful smiles and jewelry.

Serena Williams respects with her abilities and uncompromising achievements on the tennis court, but when it comes to her mother country, we see a lot of beauty and tenderness in her.

Sometimes she shares photos with her daughter Alexis Olympia, in which both are always happy. Such is the shot that Serena recently posted on her Instagram account. On it, Williams and Olympia are beautiful, smiling and with very exquisite identical jewelry, which are the new addition to the star's collection.

Last year, Serena created her own jewelry line. It included 70 models - from 14-carat gold earrings with a fine Sexy inscription, to necklaces with Winner and Queen. The goal is undoubtedly the line to inspire confidence in women around the world and through it they can express themselves. Serina collaborates with global diamond manufacturer KP Sanghvi.

The tennis player herself says that she loves beautiful jewelry and wears jewelry even on the court because they do not bother her. And she looked at each piece of jewelry in this series very carefully and in detail, because her release was a holiday for all the women in her life and for all the women in the world.

Undoubtedly, her daughter Alexis is one of her dearest people and now she also wears beautiful jewelry from the series named after her star mother.

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