A car that fits in a suitcase or a Mazda technology from the 90's (VIDEO)

A car that fits in a suitcase or a Mazda technology from the 90's.

Mazda is proud of many of its technologies. We have already told you in detail about the fact that the engineers of the company developed a gasoline engine, during which the working mixture ignites. This unique engine is called the SkyAstiv X. But this is far from the first unusual thing developed by the Japanese car manufacturer.

In the 90's the company made a unique convertible suitcase, which turned into a three-wheeled go-kart.

This suitcase does not have a name, but it was developed by seven engineers from the department for tests and research of the mechanical transmission of Mazda. Their product won an internal competition and they received funding to build a prototype machine.

The car in the suitcase turned into a sensation in the 90s of the last century. Its dimensions in the folded state are about 57 x 75 cm. It only takes one minute to turn the suitcase into a vehicle. The suitcase is equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine with a capacity of 34 cubic centimeters with a capacity of 1.7 horsepower and can accelerate to a speed of 30 kilometers.

According to the company, the suitcase was a real Mazda thanks to its low center of gravity - one of the main features of the MX-5 Miata, as well as the 19-year-old Mata.

Unfortunately, the suitcase remains a concept. Maybe because of its significant weight - 32 kilograms: Who needs so much bulk and bulky luggage while traveling. On the other hand, the suitcase turned into an excellent advertisement for Mazda's design bureau, demonstrating the skills of Japanese engineers.

A total of three such suitcases were produced - two copies made for exhibitions in the USA and Europe. For the first time, the suitcase was presented at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt in 1991.

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