A giant landslide swept away houses in Norway, dozens are unknown (VIDEO)

A giant landslide swept away houses in Norway, dozens are unknown.

A landslide swept away more than ten buildings in southern Norway. 10 were injured, one of them critically, and 21 are unaccounted for, police said, quoted by Reuters.

The landslide affected a residential area in Yerdrum, about 30km north of the capital Oslo. Distributed photos show the formation of a large crater and destroyed buildings at its bottom. Other buildings are looming menacingly. Helicopters are circling over the area. About 700 people have been evacuated so far, law enforcement officials said.

"There were two massive tremors that lasted a long time. I assumed they were clearing the snow or something. The current suddenly stopped. A neighbor came and told me that we had to evacuate", said a local.

"This is a catastrophe", Prime Minister Erna Solberg told reporters.

"It is possible that there are residents trapped. However, we cannot be sure, because now it is a holiday and people may be elsewhere", she said, warning that rescue operations are likely to take a long time.

Significant amounts of rain have fallen in southern Norway in recent days. This may have caused the movement of the clay soil prevailing in the area, sums up the media company NRK.

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