A plane with 69 passengers landed at the wrong airport

A plane with 69 passengers landed at the wrong airport
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A plane with 69 passengers landed at the wrong airport.

When the 69 passengers on board the Buddha Air flight U4505 landed in Pokhara, Nepal, last Friday, they were shocked. Eventually, when boarding the flight at Tribhuvan International Airport in the capital Kathmandu, they expect to reach Janakpur - in the opposite direction, reports The Kathmandu Post.

Janakpur is usually a 30-minute flight southeast of Kathmandu, while Pokhara is about a 30-minute flight to the northwest. The cities are about 250 km apart. According to local media, there was "commotion and noise at the inner terminal" that day, combined with unfavorable weather for flights, which led to delays.

Because of these factors, Buddha Air employees decided to fly to Pokhara first, according to an airline employee who told The Kathmandu Post. Therefore, the flight number was changed, and the difference in the flight schedule between Janakpur and Pokhara is 15 to 20 minutes, says T + L.

Ground staff transfers passengers from flight U4505 to U4607 to Pokhara. The problem is that no one informs the capital and the co-pilot about the change of flight number. On top of that, the flight attendant announces on board that they are headed to Janakpur.

Later in the day, passengers still reach the right destination. The airline is conducting an investigation, according to Buddha Air Managing Director Birendra Bahadur Basnet, who suggests that "the documents were in order".

Landing at the wrong airport is not uncommon. In 2012, Sriwijaya Air's flight to Minangkabau International Airport landed at Tabing Airport in Indonesia. Southwest Airlines flight in 2014 to Branson Airport in Missouri ended at Graham Clark Downtown Airport. And while in these cases the airports are only a few kilometers apart, this is not the case with last year's British Airways mistake.

Then the airline's flight from London City Airport to Dusseldorf, Germany, ended in Edinburgh, Scotland, which is not only not in the same direction, but also in another country.

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