A small company fired a rocket from Alaska (VIDEO)

A small company fired a rocket from Alaska.

Startup company Astra has successfully launched its two-stage 12-meter Rocket 3.2 rocket. It reached 390 kilometers above sea level, but failed to enter a stable orbit.

Both stages of the rocket consume a mixture of kerosene and liquid oxygen. The Delphin rocket engine is powered by electric pumps and has a thrust of 28.9 kilonewtons. By comparison, the new SpaceX engine, called the Rapor, has a maximum thrust of 2,200 kilonewtons and a minimum of 880 kN.

However, there is no room for comparison between SpaceX and Astra. The small company has targeted the segment of launching small satellites weighing between 50 and 150 kilograms. This sector is becoming increasingly promising, and prices could fall below a million for a satellite into orbit.

The other impressive fact lies in the fact that the Astra is made up of several people, with only 6 people installing and firing the rocket at the site in Alaska. The company is trying to get a grant from the Pentagon, which is also interested in bringing small satellites and objects into orbit in the cheapest way.

Astra shows that with little funding from investors and the state, even a small but talented team can launch into space.

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