A truck driver delighted the net with his maneuver (VIDEO)

A truck driver delighted the net with his maneuver.

All sorts of encyclopedias and reference books define drift as a way to drive a car, using controlled sliding at the maximum possible speed and angle of trajectory.

In order to perform this maneuver, which is dangerous not only for the driver performing the trick, but sometimes for the spectators, the car must have a rear-wheel drive and a reinforced body. At the same time, the tires must be of good quality, with increased wear resistance, and the place must be dry and level.

But what to do if in your soul you feel like Dominic Toreto or even Ken Block, but the car is not exactly right: instead of a fashionable low-end sports car with 400 hp. under the hood - an ordinary cargo van with old tires? And besides, the asphalt is wet and slippery after the rain ...

Watch this video and agree that there is no limit to human audacity and skills. An ordinary Vietnamese driver made a turn on the wet asphalt and it looked as if his cargo van was about to fall sideways or overturn in the opposite lane.

But to the surprise of millions of viewers who watched the popular footage on the web, it turned into a cleverly calculated, controlled drift. After making a 180-degree turn, the van stopped just below the store's canopy. As one user mentions - he entered like a gloved hand.

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