Adolf Hitler won the election in Namibia

Adolf Hitler won the election in Namibia.

Politician Adolf Hitler Uunona achieved a convincing victory in the regional elections in Namibia. Adolf Hitler Uunona won 85% of the vote and entered the regional council by the ruling People's Organization party in South West Africa. "I do not aspire to political domination and I do not intend to take over the world," he commented on his victory.

According to Wunona, his father did not know what historical events the name of Adolf Hitler was connected with when he named him after the Fuhrer. But Adolf Hitler Uunona thinks it is too late to change his name. Family members simply call him Adolf Wunona.

The Republic of Namibia has long been a German colony. German is recognized as one of the national languages ​​in Namibia and is considered the main spoken language in some regions of the country.

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