An 11.2-kilometer underwater ring road has been discovered in the Faroe Islands (VIDEO)

An 11.2-kilometer underwater ring road has been discovered in the Faroe Islands.

An 11.2-kilometer underwater ring road was officially opened in the Faroe Islands today, local media reported, quoted by DPA. The tunnel is the largest infrastructure in this Danish territory in the North Atlantic and will reduce travel time between the capital Torshavn and a number of other settlements.

In its deepest section, the tunnel passes 187 meters below the seabed. Its construction began in February 2017. The tunnel connects the island of Streymoy, where Torshavn is located, and the island of Esturoy. The tunnel's opening ceremony was broadcast on local KVF television.

The tunnel will help reduce fuel consumption and reduce car wear by shortening the distance, said Finance Minister Jorgen Niklasen, who cut the ribbon. The first car went through the tunnel today. The journey between Torshavn and Klaksvik, the second largest Faroese city, will now take 41 minutes instead of the current 68.

Inside the tunnel you can see sculptures and lighting effects, which were designed by the Faroese artist Trondur Paturson and designed by architect Edun Eliassen. The tunnel is expected to be used by 5,000 to 6,000 cars every day. Until the end of the year, the new facility will be accessible free of charge.

The archipelago, which includes 18 larger islands, is home to 50,000 people. The territory is part of Denmark, but enjoys wide autonomy.

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