Artificial intelligence pilots the U-2 spy plane

Artificial intelligence pilots the U-2 spy plane.

The American spy plane U-2S Dragon Lady flew, controlled entirely by artificial intelligence. According to the US Air Force, this is the first time this has happened in front of the general public, and the United States is becoming the leading power that can use artificial intelligence for military purposes.

The algorithm is a modified version of the gaming ╬╝Zero, which beat human players on it, chess and video games. To entrust the management of the aircraft to artificial intelligence, the military has experimented and developed the technology for 3 years.

Artificial intelligence pilots the U-2 spy plane
    Photos: US AirForce

The US Air Force added that there was a man on the plane who, however, played the role of assistant pilot in the two-seater plane and did not interfere in the work of artificial intelligence.

According to the military, such machines may soon be controlled by artificial intelligence in combat missions, with artificial intelligence acting as commander.

Experts believe that whoever manages to develop the best artificial intelligence for military purposes will have a serious advantage on the battlefield. There are also opinions that the creation of such technologies is dangerous and even irresponsible.

The U-2 spy plane is still in use by the United States, with its earliest retirement scheduled for after 2025. The aircraft is still difficult to detect on the radars of many countries - about 60 years after its creation.

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