Belgian hacker stole Tesla in 90 seconds (VIDEO)

Belgian hacker stole Tesla in 90 seconds.

A Belgian computer security specialist managed to open and drive a Tesla Model X in a minute and a half. For this purpose, Lenner Watters used the Bluetooth protocol and equipment for the value of $ 300, which is sold freely on the market.

A single-board computer based on the Raspberry Pi with the size of a credit card and a few more was enough to hack the "phone". 90 seconds later, the electric crossover was unlocked and ready to go.

However, the Wouters method also has drawbacks. The thief must stop by the car to see the identification number, and to be within a distance of no more than 5 meters from the remote control.

Lenert Wouters has already notified Tesla of a security breach and the company is preparing a software update to eliminate it.

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