Canadians figured out how to ride a bike in the winter (VIDEO)

Canadians figured out how to ride a bike in the winter.

The Canadian company Envo, specializing in the conversion of standard bicycles into electric ones, offers an interesting solution for winter. With the help of her SnowBike kit, almost every mountain runner can be turned into a snowmobile, reports New Atla.

Instead of a rear wheel, an aluminum subframe is mounted with polyurethane rollers and a rubber caterpillar chain, driven by an electric motor with a power of 200. The lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 17.5 amps is attached to the lower part of the frame.

The pedals and the chain are preserved - with them the rider can support the electric motor. Muscle and electric propulsion can work together. A special sensor detects this and changes the algorithm. The engine can also be commanded separately with a "trigger" on the steering wheel.

The liquid crystal display shows the operating mode, speed and residual energy. The battery charge is enough to travel 15-50 km depending on the terrain and temperature or 2 hours of continuous operation. The maximum speed is 20 km / h, and charging takes 8 hours.

The box, which is mounted on the spot on the front tire, does not come in the set and is sold separately. The price of the base model SnowBike is $ 2,145 (€ 1,770). Another $ 688 (€ 568) is added to the battery.

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