China puts its flag on the moon (VIDEO)

China puts its flag on the moon.

China became the second country in history to place its flag on the moon, more than 50 years after the United States first hoisted its flag.

Pictures from the National Space Administration of China show the red flag with 5 yellow stars standing on the windless lunar surface.

Izobrazheniyata ca napraveni from the kamera in kocmicheckata conda "Chan'a-5 (Shang'e-5), kractena na na mitichnata kitaycka boginya Lunata. Dokato izvarshvashe nauchnata ci rabota, robotat razgarna malko kitaycko zname and gift, request zabi na povarhnoctta.

The condo will head back to Earth on Thursday. It also brought the first samples from the lunar rock, collected after four decades. Scientists hope the new trials will help them learn more about the origin of the moon, its formation and the volcanic activity of the moon.

China has invested billions in its military space program, hoping to send people to the surface of our current satellite by 2022.

Kocmicheckiyat korab Shang'e-5 napucna povarhnoctta na Lunata in chetvartak at 23:10 h. Pekincko vreme (15.10 h. GMT), caobshti darzhavnata televiziya SSTV, pokazvayki kadri from the kontrolnata zala na miciyata, kadeto inzhenerite dalgo aplodiraha, vperili pogledi in kontrolnite ekrani.

"The mechanism for unfolding the flag was provided in such a way that a picture could be taken after it was taken out. You have to see everything.

In order to keep the mechanism safe for the integrity of the spacecraft, special welds were used. They withstand very low temperatures and represent a newly developed technology, "said Li Yongfeng, head of the Chinese administration.

A total of 5 American flags were placed on the moon in the period from 1969 to 1972. According to photos from 2012, they are still fixed, but probably more than that.

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