Daily menu to strengthen the immune system

Daily menu to strengthen the immune system
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Daily menu to strengthen the immune system.

Proper nutrition is the key to health, especially during a coronavirus pandemic. Nutritionist and gastroenterologist Nuria Dianova told Radio Sputnik how to strengthen the immune system with the help of a well-composed daily menu.

According to her, the diet should contain proteins, trace elements and a set of vitamins, especially C and D. The main thing is that every meal should include some kind of protein, explained Nuria Dianova. Here is her recommended daily menu:

"For breakfast, it's a good idea to make a porridge with a piece of cheese that contains animal protein and the porridge contains vegetable protein. Milk porridge is ideal if you have an intolerance to milk. And you should add a cup of coffee and some dried fruit, such as dried apricots, which are rich in fiber", the doctor recommended.

For lunch - a piece of roasted chicken or steamed fish, and do not forget about vegetables - a source of vitamins and carbohydrates.

For dinner, it is best to prepare something light, such as a vegetable omelette.

"For this purpose, pour the vegetables with stewed omelet mixture, add a small piece of bread and you're done. You have protein, some fat, carbohydrates and a lot of fiber", explained Nuria Dianova.

For breakfast in the afternoon you can eat bread or hummus with a little cottage cheese and some fruit.

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