Drones with a unique light show in Wuhan (VIDEO)

Drones with a unique light show in Wuhan.

Drones filled the sky in a stunning light show in Wuhan on Saturday as part of the city's e-sports carnival. The show was part of a series of events scheduled for December 26, reports ruptly.

The light show promotes the massive online multiplayer online (MMO) Dungeon & Fighter (DNF), known in Western countries as Dungeon Fighter Online. The festival has held tournaments on this game, which is very popular in China, and according to some estimates it has over 3 million users.

"The show is wonderful. It can inspire the citizens of Wuhan. Even though I don't play the game, I feel the atmosphere", said one resident.

Wuhan was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and the first city to enter a severe lockdown when the outbreak reached epidemic proportions. Although all visitors to the festival wore masks, life has largely returned to normal in the city in recent months.

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