How to drive a car upside down (VIDEO)

How to drive a car upside down.

The New Siberian YouTube bloggers from the Garage 54 channel decided to check if it is possible to drive a car upside down. To conduct the experiment, the authors of the video mounted the driver's seat on the roof of the Volga and took the steering pedals.

In order to re-equip the Volga, the engineers cut the roof of the car completely, welded metal beams to the body on which it was placed. After that, the specialists check how far the control widgets need to be moved. To do this, they drop the driver into an improvised "swing" and turn him upside down.

The bloggers weld a special panel to the body, on which the pedal unit is fixed. As a result, the driver is positioned with his head close to the steering wheel and with his foot above the car. It turns out that it is difficult to drive a car in this way, but not impossible. In the extreme account, the Volga is stuck in a snowstorm.

In the second attempt, the man behind the wheel is already a little more oriented in the inverted world, so that with the help of the advice of colleagues he manages to accelerate and accelerate. However, he noticed that the main danger was the impossibility to determine the distance to the subject. That's why the driver stopped when he noticed a pedestrian. At the end of the video, the blogger explains that he manages to switch upside down through a "snake" of car tires. Look.

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