Lima police have opened an underground tunnel to a prison (video)

Lima police have opened an underground tunnel to a prison.

As in a movie, Peru's national police have discovered a tunnel at least 180 meters long, which is being built from a place in a neighborhood in eastern Lima, to the nearby Miguel Castro prison. The information was confirmed by the commander-in-chief of the police, Cesar Cervantes, after he toured the place, which was besieged in the morning by dozens of agents.

He added that in coordination with the National Penal Institute, six prisoners had been ordered to be trafficked for drug trafficking, who were allegedly the ones who would use the tunnel to escape from prison. The prison, known as the "Canto Grande", covers an area of about 5 hectares, housing about 6,000 prisoners, with convictions ranging from common crimes to corruption and drug trafficking, including foreigners.

Police found the mouth of the tunnel in a residential area on Santa Rosa Boulevard, a few hundred meters from the prison. Neighbors told local media that night work was being carried out on the site and that after the clearing, the trucks were removing a lot of dirt.

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