Mercedes-AMG tests the One hypercar using a 9-meter screen (VIDEO)

Mercedes-AMG tests the One hypercar using a 9-meter screen.

Mercedes-AMG uses a special simulator for virtual tests of the One hypercar. For this purpose, one of the prototypes had to be sacrificed, reveals a new video published by the German manufacturer.

The passenger capsule is mounted on the so-called. hexapod - a platform with six "legs" with electronic control, which can move it in six directions. The whole simulator is built on a precisely leveled steel plate weighing 30 tons. The basis of the entire structure is a concrete foundation weighing 65 tons.

The simulator can mimic One's cornering behavior, side and longitudinal transitions to 3G and even vibrations from road bumps. Additional realism in the driver's training is added by the active seat with inflatable inserts and a steerable seat belt.

In front of the capsule is a curved screen with a width of 9 meters and a viewing angle of 260 degrees. The image on it is generated by five spotlights simultaneously. The simulator is used to assess the behavior of the future hypercar in various road conditions - from city streets to highways and roads.

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