NASA has begun assembling the SLS lunar rocket (VIDEO)

NASA has begun assembling the SLS lunar rocket.

NASA has begun assembling the SLS rocket, which will take America back to the moon. If all goes according to plan, SLS should make its first flight in November 2021. People will fly only in 2023.

Initially, NASA will assemble auxiliary rocket accelerators that run on solid fuel. Subsequently, the main part of the rocket will be assembled, and eventually they will be combined into one. All tests done so far have shown that the engines, tanks and electronics work flawlessly.

In its first mission, called "Artemis 1", the rocket will make an unmanned flight to the moon, testing all its systems. The new Orion spacecraft will also fly with it.

The SLS is based on the RS-25 engines of the American shuttle and the auxiliary accelerators created for it. The temperatures at which the units operate are extreme and range from −253 ° C to 3300 ° C. However, their design was developed in the 60s of last century. The first stage will have 4 of these engines, and the whole rocket will be about 100 meters high. The fuel will be liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. The base version of the EU will produce 70 tons of cargo, and the more powerful version will produce 130 tons.

Orion is a spacious spacecraft that can stay in outer space for a longer period of time, as it has more capable life support systems. The maximum number of astronauts is 6, but 4 astronauts will most likely be sent to the mission to the moon.

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