Silent night, sexy night: Ronaldo's half in a cut-out body next to the Christmas tree (GALLERY)

Silent night, sexy night: Ronaldo's half in a cut-out body next to the Christmas tree

Silent night, sexy night: Ronaldo's half in a cut-out body next to the Christmas tree.

There are a few days left until Christmas, and at this time of year, after many months filled with tasks and commitments, everyone looks forward to the calm and quiet evenings spent by the richly decorated Christmas tree, creating a festive mood. And given the current situation, who would even dare to give up a little Christmas spirit? Despite the trials to which all humanity is currently facing, the belief in miracles characteristic of this period inspires the people of the world with the much-needed confidence that a better and brighter future lies ahead.

But half of the magic of the season has melted with the snow outside ... For this reason, social media users are making even more efforts to make up for its lack by posting fabulous photos revealing their preparations for December 25th.

In this respect, Cristiano Ronaldo's partner is an excellent student. Most recently, she proved once again that she knows how to attract everyone's attention to herself, with the help of several photos she shared on her personal Instagram account. With them, she not only showed the coziness reigning in their home, along with the impressive tree, under which the footballer's four children will soon find their gifts, but once again left her fans speechless, exposing the feminine curves of her seductive body.

In the frame, Georgina Rodriguez poses on a white sofa lying on one side, and all she wears is a provocative lace bodysuit in a themed red color. The cut of the dress is strongly cut and reveals a large part of her flesh - a fact that does not bother her. The brunette complemented her look with a pair of discreet earrings and soft slippers by "Louis Vuitton", as is the brand of the brown blanket, which can be seen at the end of the upholstered furniture.

In the comments below the photos, her fans wrote many compliments to her, praising the way she looks. Some of the ladies on the platform congratulated her on her beautiful figure, pointing out that she looks amazing, even though she is a mother.

The athlete has four children, the eldest Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. (10 years old) and twins Eva and Mateo (3) are from a surrogate mother, and two-year-old Alana is his youngest daughter from his relationship with Georgina Rodriguez, who has nothing against taking care of them all.

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