The Ice Cathedral in the Swiss Alps offers a unique show (VIDEO)

The Ice Cathedral in the Swiss Alps offers a unique show.

An ice cave, which forms naturally on a glacier high in the Swiss Alps, is accessible to the delight of visitors who marvel at the huge blue vault of the "ice cathedral", Reuters reported.

The cave, which each year has a different size and shape, has a rounded ceiling of ice with a thickness of about five meters and is about twenty meters long.

It is reached after a fifteen-minute walk from the lift to Glacier 3000 above the resort of Le Diablere, but the organizers emphasize that tourists take the hike at their own risk.

"For the first time we are officially announcing that the cave is open. In recent years ... we had an ice cave, but it was different, steeper. And this year it looks like an ice cathedral, it's so beautiful", said Berhard Chanen, CEO. of Glacier 3000. He explained that this year the interior of the cave is quite flat and this facilitates access.

The natural cave, also known as the "Mill", is formed after each spring and summer the cavity is filled with water from the melting ice and forms a lake. In autumn, the water drains away and remains a cave.

"It's great, but even that's not the right word. I've never seen anything like it. It's like it's out of this world. Great, I can only recommend you to see it if you have the opportunity", said Helen Trump of the Netherlands after having examined the cave.

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