The new hit - Robbie Williams as Boris Johnson, saves Christmas (VIDEO)

The new hit - Robbie Williams as Boris Johnson, saves Christmas.

British music star Robbie Williams has taken on the role of Prime Minister Boris Johnson ... to save Christmas. The hit artist topped the charts for a holiday single with his new song - 'Can't Stop Christmas'.

In the video, the 46-year-old Williams sits in his home chair and at the same time skillfully takes on the role of the British Prime Minister, assuring that despite the situation with the coronavirus, people should enjoy the holidays.

"What a terrible year, but what a wonderful time to be more alive than ever!" He sings.

However, Williams does not underestimate the coronavirus, because of which he lost friends, but points out that nothing can erase Christmas from people's hearts.

The musician also jokes about what gifts he would like from Santa Claus this year. He claims that a gel disinfectant under the Christmas tree would do a good job.

In three days, the song garnered nearly 870,000 views on YouTube.

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