They have created an intelligent mask that translates into 8 languages

They have created an intelligent mask that translates into 8 languages.

When the COVID-19 pandemic made face masks necessary on a daily basis, Japanese startup Donut Robotics saw the opportunity and created an intelligent mask designed to facilitate communication and social distancing, CNN reported.

In connection with the application, the C-Face Smart mask can amplify the user's voice and translate his words into eight different languages. The perforations on the front of the mask are important for breathing, so the smart mask does not offer protection against the coronavirus. Instead, it is designed to be worn on a standard face mask, explains Donut Robotics CEO Taisuke Ono.

Made of white plastic and silicone, it has a built-in microphone that connects to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth. The system can translate between Japanese and Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, English, Spanish and French.

Donut Robotics first developed translation software for a robot called Cinnamon - but when the pandemic hit, the robot project was delayed. Then the team's engineers came up with the idea to use their software in a face mask.

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