This is what a ship cut with 4,200 cars on board looks like (VIDEO)

This is what a ship cut with 4,200 cars on board looks like.

The American portal Jalopnik published photos from the first stage of the recycling of the ship MV Golden Paradise, which was overturned on the shores of the Black Sea, Brujzik. The vessel was cut into pieces together with the load with the help of a giant chainsaw.

Taking out the cars turned out to be too complicated and expensive. Therefore, a decision was made to pass the car "under the knife" and to be melted down together with the pieces of the ship.

Shortly before he got stuck in the shallows and turned around soon after leaving Georgia, MV Golden Paradise was loaded mainly with Hyundai and Hyundai cars. There are also Chevrolet and Ram pickups on board.

The saw itself, with which they cut the ship, looks like a bridge crane, "stepped" on two barges. Versabar VB-10000 was manufactured in 2010 for decommissioning of oil platforms and can lift up to 7,500 tons. Each of the floating platforms has four engines, which position it.

The steel cutting chain moves at a speed of 2 meters per minute. MV Golden Paradise will be cut in the eye section with a weight between 2,700 and 4,100 tons.

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