Unexpected find: Family finds bottles of 100-year-old whiskey in the walls of their home (VIDEO)

Unexpected find: Family finds bottles of 100-year-old whiskey in the walls of their home.

An American couple came across an unusual find while renovating their home in the state of New York. It turned out that the walls of their house were full of bottles of whiskey almost 100 years old. Nick Drummond made the discovery in late November, but it was reported in the American and British media in recent days. Later, the owner of the house found bottles of alcohol under the wooden floor.

"We were told that this house was built for an alcohol smuggler, but we didn't know if it was true. This is very crazy,", Drummond commented on his discovery.

According to information available to him, the house was owned by a man named Adolf Humpfner, who died in 1932 and left a fortune of $ 140,000. According to locals, a huge amount of money is hidden somewhere in the property, but Drummond says he has so far found nothing but the whiskey in question.

A total of 66 bottles of Old Smogler Gelik Whiskey were found on the walls and floor, and a sticker on the back of the bottles dates back to 1923.

At that time, the United States had a ban on the production and trade of alcohol, which went down in history as the "Dry Regime". This period is also associated with the rise of the American mafia and individuals such as Al Capone, who monopolized the illegal but very profitable at that time business with alcoholic beverages.

Drummond says he hasn't tasted the open mustache yet, but he certainly will. He has not yet decided what to do with his find, but friends advise him to offer the bottles at an auction for expensive branded alcohol, and there is no lack of interest from auction houses.

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