What happens when you leave a glass of car for 3 months? (VIDEO)

What happens when you leave a glass of car for 3 months?

When a food is not consumed for a certain period of time, it spoils. But does this also apply to sweet sodas, such as car? What can happen if we leave a glass of the drink at room temperature? Such an experiment is made by Temponaut Timelapse - a YouTube channel specializing in documenting the process of decomposition of various foods.

To do this, they fill a glass with cola and ice, garnish it with a slice of lemon and leave it to stand for 105 days. The changes that occur in the first week are insignificant. The ice melts, the lemon shrinks and the liquid slowly evaporates. But on the eighth day, blurred patches of blue-green mold begin to form on the walls of the cup. They get bigger over time, and by the end of the experiment, the cup contains more mold than cola.

As the Temponaut Timelapse channel shows, not all foods break down in the same way. Some start after a few days on the countertop, while others remain unaffected for a suspiciously long time.

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