18 traffic lights were installed at a Russian crossroads (VIDEO)

18 traffic lights were installed at a Russian crossroads.

A crossroads in the Russian town of Rostov-on-Don will have as many as 18 traffic lights, each of which has a lot of road signs, reports the Telegram-channel. The local traffic police commented that they had not been informed about the location of the sophisticated complex light signaling system.

Judging by information from the social networks, the "forest" of traffic lights has "emerged" on a newly built road junction. Locals claim that the impressive visual effect is obtained only from a certain point of view on the facility, and the multitude of intersections.

From the department for road supervision to the local management of the State Inspectorate for Traffic Safety (traffic police) mark the road in front of the Republic of Bulgaria. A preliminary check has been made to see if it is necessary for many traffic lights to be installed on it.

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