A powerful earthquake in Indonesia, with casualties and injuries (VIDEO+PHOTOS)

A powerful earthquake in Indonesia, with casualties and injuries.

A magnitude 6.2 earthquake shook the Indonesian island of Sulawesi early this morning, killing at least 34 people. About 600 people were injured, dozens of buildings collapsed, including a hospital, rescue officials said, quoted by world agencies.

The epicenter was 36 kilometers south of Mamuju County in South Sulawesi Province. The depth of the quake is 18 kilometers, according to the American Geological Institute. According to Indonesian seismologists, the depth was even smaller - 10 kilometers.

Most of the victims are in the city of Mamuju.

"The hospital was destroyed, it collapsed. Patients and staff found themselves under the rubble, we are currently evacuating them", said a rescuer.

According to him, there are several dozen people under the rubble of the hospital in the administrative center of the province of West Sulawesi. More than 300 houses and other buildings were damaged by the quake.

About 2,000 people in West Sulawesi had to flee their homes.

The quake is not thought to have caused a tsunami, but people in coastal areas have retreated to higher altitudes. The quake caused landslides in three places. The main road between Mamuju and Madjene counties is blocked by land.

A powerful earthquake in Indonesia, with casualties and injuries
Photos: iStock by Getty Images

Authorities have urged residents in areas around the quake's epicenter to avoid cracked or damaged buildings and make sure they are safe to live in before returning to their homes. A few hours earlier yesterday in the same area there was a quake of 5.9 and several houses were damaged.

There are no data on Bulgarian citizens injured in the earthquake in Indonesia, according to our embassy in Jakarta, the press center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced. The island is located in a remote area from the capital Jakarta and there are no Bulgarian citizens on its territory.

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