A Russian ship has sunk off the Turkish Black Sea coast, there are dead (VIDEO)

A Russian ship has sunk off the Turkish Black Sea coast, there are dead.

A Russian dry cargo ship has sunk off the coast of the Inkumu region in the Turkish province of Bartin in the Black Sea, the Russian edition of the Anatolian Agency reports. Two sailors from the crew have died, Barton's governor Sinan Guner told the media today.

Six sailors from the ship's crew have been rescued by Turkish Coast Guard teams, who are continuing the search for the other five crew members of the sunken ship.

The cargo ship Arvin sailed under the Russian flag from Russia to Bulgaria. A strong storm raging in the Black Sea hit the ship on the high seas in the Inkumu region of Barton County. The ship sank and the 13-member crew managed to leave with three lifeboats.

Barton's governor said that after receiving the crew's distress signal, ships in the area were sent to the scene, as well as marine security teams to search for the crew. Strong winds and storms raging in the Black Sea make it difficult for rescue ships to move. According to the governor, rescue operations are underway to find the other five members of the crew of the sunken Russian ship.

"So far we have managed to save six people from the crew, unfortunately two have died. Despite the extremely bad weather, our teams are literally fighting to save the people from the crew", he said.

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