A tractor driver gave a brutal lesson to a Mercedes driver (VIDEO)

A tractor driver gave a brutal lesson to a Mercedes driver.

Some drivers have encountered such a phenomenon as "punishment" by their colleagues behind the wheel. Something similar and quite spectacular happened on a Polish country road.

In the accident, the driver of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class apparently did not dare to overtake the tractor for a long time, and then, when he finally had room in front of him, he decided to teach a lesson to the worker in the field.

At first he stopped abruptly in front of the tractor. But when the tractor driver decided to go around and overtake the Mercedes in the opposite lane, the owner of the German car also moved there and repeated his brazen trick.

This time, the agricultural machine's brakes and the tractor driver's nerves were damaged to the detriment of the Mercedes. As a result, the multi-ton machine left a good mark on the rear of the car, breaking the rear window as well.

The driver of the Mercedes-Benz obviously did not expect such a development. The tractor driver immediately told him that everything that had happened had been recorded on a video recorder. Then his opponent replied that everything was filmed by him.

The network commented that this is a good lesson for those who imagined that they are omnipotent on the road, but quickly paid for it.

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