An explosion burned down a supermarket in the Netherlands (VIDEO)

An explosion burned down a supermarket in the Netherlands.

An explosion in a Polish supermarket in the Dutch city of Tilburg destroyed the building, and the fire burned everything. There is damage to neighboring buildings. There are no injured people.

The incident happened at 2.30 local time tonight. This is the fourth such explosion in the Netherlands in a month. The shops under the name "Bedronka" (translated from Polish as "Kalinka") belong to the same family, and police are investigating whether the cases are related, the previous three being in the towns of Beverwijk, Alsmeer and Heswijk-Dinter in December.

The stores have no connection with the discount chain in Poland of the same name.

Police were called in the current blast by a witness who heard a knock in front of the store minutes before the blast occurred. The store owner is puzzled as to why his stores have come under attack:

"I'm devastated. It was a good store with a lot of staff doing good business. The store only opened in October and was doing very well. I can't understand it. A bomb in the Netherlands. How can that happen? It's a well-run country".

He accused police of failing to thoroughly investigate previous incidents: "Alsmeer and Beverwijk promised to take action, but nothing happened".

Police have denied the allegations:

"We are in contact with the police in the other municipalities and are considering the possibility as part of our investigation".

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