First look at the dashboard of the big electric Mercedes (VIDEO)

First look at the dashboard of the big electric Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz has shown for the first time the innovative screen, which will occupy the entire dashboard of the future electric sedan EQS. The information and entertainment system of the night is called MBUX Hyperscreeen and has an artificial intelligence.

The screen consists of three separate displays, one of which is intended only for the front passenger. However, all elements are covered under one glass and this creates the illusion of a complete element, which extends from one end of the rebar to the other.

The diagonal of the screen is 56 inches (1,422.4 mm), which makes it the largest in the world. Sadillas Essalade has an analog display, but its diagonal is "two" 38 inches (965 mm).

The panel is slightly curved, but the engineers of Mercedes-Benz managed to achieve exceptional strength. The glass is hardened at a temperature above 650 ° ะก and remains intact in all crash tests. In rare cases, cracks appeared only around the ventilation openings at both ends.

However, the most impressive feature of the new system is the artificial self-learning intellect, which has to make the "communication". If the driver turns on the mode to increase the ground clearance in one and the same place, for example, the electronics will remember this and will make it automatic.

Another function will be to commit to a specific action at a given moment. If the caller calls someone on the phone every Tuesday night, the system will offer to dial the number at the same time.

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